Founder Neil Chandran

CHMI Founder Neil Chandran

Neil Chandran has been involved in interactive media since 1990 when he founded Intent Communications, a telecommunications firm that specialized in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) programs for 800 and 900 numbers – the predecessor to the modern day Internet. In 1995, he co-founded IEM, Interactive Electronic Media Inc., which developed video-streaming technology long before the feature was commonplace throughout the web.

His experience with video led to the launch of energyTV in 2006, his first broadcast television program and the flagship media property of CHMI. Also formed in 2006,CHMI is the holding company and licensor of Chandran’s concepts and provides financial capital and intellectual property to various companies primarily in the media and technology sector.  By utilizing the creative process, leading an entrepreneurial concept, committing to top quality products and services and through solid financial management and governance, CHMI intends to become a leader in the lucrative digital media space and continue to experience steady growth for the long term.

Securing credibility by consistently delivering high-quality online video production, in addition to energyTV include miningIndustryTV, realInvestmentsTV, ceoTVniteLifeTV, and insideFashion, Neil Chandran’s broadcast portfolio continues to set new standards of excellence by focusing on companies and industries representing key market trends, global innovations and geopolitical platforms.

Mr. Chandran has poised Chandran Media as the very hub of revolutionizing online video marketing and media platforms and integrating traditional and emerging technologies with innovative business partnerships in order to bring together the talented minds, news and information from the driver’s of the world economy.

Futurist, Neil Chandran continually positions his business synergy for advancement as breakthrough technologies become available and with the development of Freevi Geo-Target technology, has completely changed how to attract new customers to your business.  Freevi’s high-quality brand and proprietary flightDeck successfully constructs the foundation and infrastructure to navigate the convergence of traditional TV broadcasting with Internet TV.  The integrated model presented by Freevi includes presentation, production, promotion and programming, cultivating an outlet for broadcasters, journalists, producers, and media professionals to Be on TV…Beyond TV operating and syndicating Internet TV channels.

Neil Chandran’s truly visionary developments encompass Internet TV channels, embedded online video consoles, and online video directories offering advertisers unparalleled exposure while empowering viewers with specialty programs and searchable resources in an online community for business and social networking.

Freevi’s flightPlan represents a 21st Century global culture and fosters a variety of  opportunities to join the online video revolution with dealFreevi.  The Freevi Corporation Dealer Program, dealFreevi, is poised to offer participants limitless potential for capitalizing on the massive broadcast and online video marketing trend taking place on the Internet today.

Intended to further inspire, educate and encourage you to affect your community, ardent Philanthropist, Neil Chandran shaped Dynamic Philanthropy, a brand of broadcast and web media productions promoting the cause of giving back, showcasing the philanthropical pursuits of corporations, individuals, non-profits, government and non-governmental organizations. A percentage of the company’s revenues are also donated towards Education, Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Hunger, and Homelessness in the communities in which we operate.

Mr. Chandran lives in Las Vegas, NV, with his wife and two children and holds a Bachelor of Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.